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The acid hydrolysis process

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The acid hydrolysis process

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The hydrolysis of methyl formate process, follow the Zibo Rainbow Chemical Co. Ltd. the small one to know about it!

 Hydrolysis of methyl formate process: ⑴ CO carbonylation of methanol and methyl formate; the hydrolysis of methyl formate formic acid and methanol, Methanol circulating use.

 The technique characteristic of Kemira-Leonard is using a unique added alkoxide catalyst, the reaction pressure is reduced by half, hydrolysis with pre mixing and flash evaporation technology, a lot of methyl formate was steaming in the flash evaporator, formic acid separation column flow ratio, low reaction temperature, short contact time at low operation, formic acid and esterification rate less than 0.1%. The process in 1982 20000 t/a unit in Finland Kemira to achieve industrialization, then Kemira was improved, which are used in South Korea, India and Indonesia on device.

 Bethlechem Stell process is characterized by hydrolysis reaction in the liquid phase, mild reaction conditions, simple process, equipment reliability, can produce high purity formic acid. Hydrolysis ratio is generally water: methyl =3:1~1:3, by-product methanol was 10%. This process consists of SD company and Bethlechem company Stell American in on century 80's joint development success.

 Carbonylation process BASF process operating conditions and the Kemira-Leonard process is similar, the main feature is the use of special solvent as extraction agent for hydrolysis of methyl formate, methyl formate, high conversion rate, acid separation column is operated at normal pressure, acid tower for the vacuum distillation tower, can reduce the steam consumption of 30%, but the process is difficult. The process of industrialization in the 10000 t/a device Ludwigshafen of Germany in 1981.

 USSR process is a double stage reaction continuous hydrolysis, using strong acidic ion exchange resin as acid catalyst, disadvantage is the process more difficult to operate, high investment. The reaction temperature of 55~62 ℃, water: =14:1 (mol) methyl formate, methyl formate conversion was 87%, the purity of the product of 86.5% formic acid. The method to realize industrialization in a set of 40000 t/a unit of Ukraine Saratov in 1989.

Allegedly, the four Each one has his good points. hydrolysis process, the process of Kemira-Leonard investment, the most economical and reasonable technological process.

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